Propose your project

This section is aimed at all owners of properties, land or buildings who are interested in enhancing them thanks to the feasibility study and / or design activities that Tecnodream can offer.

Tecnodream searches for properties with the following characteristics:

  • Land on which construction is possible in compliance with all local and national regulations;
  • Buildings with or without adjoining land, in the city or countryside, in disuse or to be restored. 

Tecnodream Services

  • Preliminary feasibility study in order to verify the real possibilities of building and the related costs 
  • Design and presentation of related practices for obtaining building permits

After the preliminary feasibility study of a specific project free of charge, the service provides for the signing of a formal assignment for the preparation of all project documentation and eventual execution of the same according to a precise and detailed specification.
This specification, to be borne by the client, essentially provides for the following obligations:

  • Selling the property directly or through a special agency (Tecnodream does not carry out real estate brokerage of any kind)
  • Provide the buyer with all the details of the project. Tecnodream will require the buyer to adhere to a contract for the construction of the works envisaged as a whole.  If the buyer formally accepts the proposal, Tecnodream will be fully satisfied (in this case the seller is not required to compensate Tecnodream in any way)
  • If the buyer is not interested in the project or in joining the contract referred to in point 2, the seller will be required to pay Tecnodream the design costs and other ancillary activities carried out up to then.
For further details or proposals please contact us free of charge.